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Falco is a leading blockchain gaming publisher that combines web2 game design expertise with web3 marketing and blockchain knowledge. We launch and grow fun and successful games together with the top studios in the space.

We launch fun, successful games, powered by blockchain technology

As a game publisher, Falco provides marketing and growth services to attract both web2 and web3 gamers. From ad-based performance marketing in platforms such as Meta, Google and TikTok, to influencer marketing, to our connections on the web3 space, we got you covered. Falco is the one-stop shop for all user acquisition needs.

We provide all services a game needs to succeed

Marketing and Growth

Falco provides end-to-end marketing and growth services. We begin with the go-to-market strategy and roadmap and drill down to the user acquisition and performance marketing campaigns. We design your creatives (videos/banners), manage influencers, run A/B tests to improve campaigns, and optimize your product pages.

Community Management

We set up, grow and moderate your community groups and social media channels, tailoring the content and format for your target audience and ensuring that your players are informed and engaged with the game. We also collect feedback from your players and organize events, tournaments and giveaways.

Project Management

We create a detailed roadmap and define milestones together with the game team to ensure a success path from alpha to the global launch of a game, managing providers and partners to guarantee timely deliveries.

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Let’s build the next generation of games together!

We believe in free-to-play, multiplayer games in which blockchain enables the trading of assets between players, and unlocks the potential for new, revolutionary game design decisions. At Falco we use blockchain tech as a tool to improve games, not as a goal in itself.

Explore our game catalogue



Apeiron is a casual competitive mobile game powered by the Ronin Network, rule over planets full of adorable doods, dive into dangerous dungeons, and battle against other players using powerful Avatars.



Collect, Evolve & Battle alongside your Pixelmon in our Multiplayer Open World Adventure and Monster Combat Arena.



Providence is a 3rd Person Sci-Fi Multiplayer Survival Shooter set in a unique expansive universe, in which players descend onto dangerous alien environments to explore and extract resources and
other alien tech to build up their Homebase to survive.


We have the support from our kind investors

Goat Capital
040 Ventures
Compa Capital
Crivo Ventures
Verve Capital

Go next level with us!

Explore partnership and game development opportunities with Falco, the leading blockchain gaming publisher.

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